Eyeshadow sponge

Small brush with a soft sponge on the top shaped as "petit onion" which ensures easy and smooth drawing of the product. Ideal for drafting eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow sponge
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Eyeshadow sponge

How to use it

1. Pick up the Mono Eyeshadow Evoc you want to apply;
2. Flow the sponge on the eyelid, applying more pressure where you want a more the color intensity and less pressure where you want to shadow them.


THE SOFT SPONGE "PETIT ONION" SHAPED ensures easy and smooth flawing of the product.

Our expert advices

Roberta Tagliafierro @robertavixen

Wash the sponge with soap and water, rubbing gently with your fingers.

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Eyeshadow Mono

Formulazione delicata per occhi sensibili: nickel tested, talc, paraben and perfume free

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